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We're not your staffing agency; we're your marketingpartner in talent acquisition. Yes, we find you better applicants faster, yes we return higher recruitment ROI, but we're not recruiters.


We use technology and innovative strategies, so you fill jobs while building your employer brand.

Attract, Engage and Convert


Experience a fresh approach to recruitment with our Attract, Engage, Convert framework. Capture candidates’ attention with captivating ad campaigns, hold their interest with interactive and engaging destination pages, and transform them into applicants through seamless automated application funnels. 


Ideation, creation and implementation

We're are marketers at heart and understand what makes people move. We turn hopelessly outdates branding and recruitment methods into solid flow of quality candidates while building employer brand. 

Mobile First

User Friendly

Conversion optimised


A recruitment marketing concept that works for 90% of the profiles. It reduces your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire even in tight market conditions!

Candidate journeys

Get your team up speed with the most modern ways to attract and convert top talent before your competition does. In-house training, online training and DIY and Done-with-you courses to acquire talent yesterday!

"For us, this campaign was our first introduction to Hirelab and their way of working. We were extremely surprised by the overwhelming number of candidates who were able to find their way to ALCAR through Hirelab. There were also many high-quality candidates among them. In the mean time we've done multiple vacancies through Hirelab."


Jeroen de Kruif

Director - ALCAR Benelux

"We noticed that traditional methods no longer worked. It is difficult to find good technical staff first off. On top of that, we had to rebuild the communication regarding our employment after the takeover. The rate at which the applicants arrived was amazing. Through Hirelab, we've hired 5 employees within two months including 2 well-trained mechanics."


Martijn Minnee

Owner - MotorCity 



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Hiring in the new age

New times - New approach


Learn how to:


a) Break with traditional hiring methods

b) Design a foolproof recruitment funnel 

c) Approach the unreachable

d) Setup automations to this on autopilot

e) Boost your Recruitment ROI 


"See you hiring pipeline grow within the first days 

cut costs and time-to-hire drastically."

5x your hiring pipeline with instant recruitment funnels

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